Dogtech Pro 2017

Dogtech Pro 2017

Dogtech Pro is our absolute best seller when it comes to effective protection against wild boar attacks. The vest provides effective protection even against drowning as it provides floatation and prevents the dog from sinking . With full visibility of 360 degrees with 3M reflectors this makes the vest excellent protection even against traffic in fog and darkness on the road.

GPS pocket on the back
Dogtech Pro comes standard with a GPS pocket on the back that is adapted for all our GPS systems or traditioan trackers. The pocket is reinforced to prevent breaking if the dog runs into barbed wire.

Prepared for Wolf Add-On wolf steel
The protective vest is ready for 2 sets of velcro that can easily be opened up to fit our stainless rustproof steel ( Wolf Steel ) . With this protection on each side of the GPS pocket to meet an attacking wolf with 4 rows of 45mm long spikes that effectively protect against bites. We ourselves have experienced several situations where wolf attacks stopped when they have bitten the wolf steel in the protective vest and the hunting dog survived without damage.

Suitable for all seasons
The ease of putting on the dog vest with the wide velcro on the back and front instead of buckles or zippers ect means that the dog can use the protective vest at all times of the year. The protective vest has a 8 cm adjustment range on the back and just as much in the front.

  • Highest protection class , the best in all hunting tests against both wild boar and wolves.
  • Provides buoyancy and retains body heat if the dog falls in a icehole.
  • GPS pockets as standard along with the ability to apply our wolf steel if needed.
  • 3M reflectors around 360 degrees as well as a loop for leash by default in front
  • The protective cover is removable so you can put in our floatation during smim training. 
  • One size is sufficient.Check the measurements behind the front legs and check the sizetable to get the right size of the vest for your dog



Main protection Rongyi High Performance Polyethylene Fiber

Outer fabric Polyester 1200D
Front KNO3

Inside fabric Neoprene
GPS-pocket KNO3
Zippers YKK
Reflectors 3M

Rongyi High Performance Polyethylene Fiber has passed the test NIJ Level IIIA of USA Type Specifications Surface Density (g/m2)

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Agria Insurance Company provides 100% excess warranty on both fixed and floating-deductible fee regardless of the type of injury when the dog uses our protective vests during hunting or training.

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