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For retrievers

Dogtech Retriever

Protects and keeps the dog warm.

Dogtech Retriever

Dogtech retriever is our vest for retrieving dogs, which work in cold and wet environments.
The vest is made of neoprene and has a camouflage colored outer fabric to reduce visibility to birds.
The neoprene protects the dog against sharp objects, such as sticks, reeds and ice edges.

The vest also gives the dog extra buoyancy, and like a wetsuit in water, it traps heat and therefore reduces the risk of hypothermia, cramps and shock.

As a dog owner, you can easily adjust the vest so that it encapsulates more or less heat; to compensate for the prevailing climate and temperature.
The vest is easily opened more or less at the back to ventilate excess heat.

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  • Storlek
    Omkrets bakom framben
  • XS  
    355-455 mm
  • S    
    450-550 mm
  • M    
    550-650 mm
  • L    
    630-730 mm
  • XL  
    730-830 mm
  • XXL
    830-950 mm
Dogtech Neck
  • Storlek
    Omkrets runt hals
  • S
    26-30 cm
  • M
    30-40 cm
  • L
    40-50 cm
Dogtech Reflex
  • One Size