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Dogtech GPS

Lightweight vest for carrying GPS

Dogtech Retriever

Dogtech GPS is a light and flexible vest, equipped with a durable pocket on the back for GPS.

A cut-out for the antenna is made so that the dog does not have to wear the GPS around its neck.
In addition, the vest is very visible thanks to its signal color and high quality reflectors that are visible from all directions.

In addition, the vest provides buoyancy, and works like a wetsuit in water. This reduces the risk of hypothermia, cramps and shock in cold water.


Dogtech One, Pro, Euro, Retriever, GPS & TweedLine

  • Storlek
    Omkrets bakom framben
  • XS  
    355-455 mm
  • S    
    450-550 mm
  • M    
    550-650 mm
  • L    
    630-730 mm
  • XL  
    730-830 mm
  • XXL
    830-950 mm
Dogtech Neck
  • Storlek
    Omkrets runt hals
  • S
    26-30 cm
  • M
    30-40 cm
  • L
    40-50 cm
Dogtech Reflex
  • One Size